This STAROS campaign is devoted to observing 10 Lacertae.

This relatively bright star, of magnitude V=4.88, is a very hot object (36,000 K) and of spectral type O9V. 10 Lac is a star known to professional astronomers because it is a spectrophotometric standard used to calibrate ground-based and space-based astronomical instruments.

The star 10 Lac was also used to establish the MKK spectral classification. Some authors have noted rapid variations in the profile of certain lines.

That's why we're proposing this STAROS campaign. The astrophysical value of 10 Lac is low, but its observational value is very high. The character of this campaign is therefore that of a validation, particularly useful when working with a low spectral resolution spectrograph (R = 500 to 5000).

Let's start to observe 10Lac together.

Position of 10 Lacertae on H-R Diagram.

Crédit image : Richard Powell

Last spectrum by P. BERTEAU